Altenheim Sponsors Two Exciting Concert Series

It's time to break out your blankets and lawn chairs! Altenheim is proud to be an associate sponsor of two exciting outdoor concert series this summer — the Ray Skillman Summer Concert Series at the Greenwood Park Mall and the Hubler Automotive Group Picnic Concert Series at Mallow Run Winery. The Ray Skillman Summer Concert Series features live music every... Read More

Neuropathy a Common Challenge with Options for Treatment

Lynn Lopossa Director of LifeSpan Therapy Chances are you or someone you know has found themselves dealing with neuropathy. It is a very common diagnosis that transcends all age groups and demographics. It typically involves numbness, tingling, burning or stabbing sensations, usually in the extremities such as the hands and feet. Neuropathy presents a tremendous challenge to those who have... Read More

From the Consultant to the Patient: Steve Baranyk’s Journey with CarDon

“My wife says one of my great abilities is to forget.” Steve Baranyk chuckled as he talked about wife Susie and the celebration of 54 years of marriage this July. What’s the key to a long-lasting marriage? “Every marriage has its challenges, but don’t let those get in the way,” Steve said. “You get to a point where you don’t... Read More